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So much time, effort and money went into your landscaping - why keep it in the dark?

On-Track Lighting can make your home magical and safe after dark.

Fine landscape lighting is like a gift of additional time to enjoy your surroundings.
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"Let there be light" ...According to certain teachings, light was the first element of creation. Yet we take it for granted.

Good lighting can create any mood, from beautiful to romantic to secure and safe. It extends the number of visual and productive hours in a day.

Fine lighting requires skill, thorough planning and careful implementation.

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Let us create and sculpt a night scene from a dark landscape .. a gift of additional time to enjoy your surroundings.

We start our design process as does an artist, with a blank canvas. OUR PAINT IS LIGHT. We can make your property more beautiful at night than during the day!

Our professional staff will come to your home or store or office to discuss your lighting needs and requirements. We can be reached at our office at (561) 504-1158.

Joel Grey, an Electrical Engineer by education, started his own lighting company almost twenty years ago in South Florida. "I was struck by how little most people know about lighting, yet they are affected by it all the time." His point is well taken when he says, "Few changes can so quickly and dramatically improve the appearance of your home or office as good lighting.

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